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Low Carbon Cities Framework

LCCF stands for Low Carbon Cities Framework & Assessment System.

Realizing the importance of measuring performance of cities and townships especially their contribution to CO2 emission levels of the country, the LCCF document was developed to guide the implementation of CO2 reduction measures in cities and townships.

This framework allows for performance of such measures to be quantified and monitored. LCCF help stakeholders/users in cities and townships to define their priorities and develop action plans to reduce their CO2 as it focusses specifically on strategies and measures towards CO2 reduction.

This document was launched by the Prime Minister of Malaysia on 08 September 2011. The aspiration of LCCF is to inspire stakeholders to participate in the mitigation of global warming and climate change through a real time carbon abatement measure.

Diamond Ratings

Following are the process flow for Diamond Ratings:

Diamond Rating Systems

The sum of CO2 reduction over the baseline emission awards the development with the corresponding environmental performance achievements according to the ‘diamond’ rating as defined and classified under the LCCF Calculator (as per table above).


The document is divided into 2 components :

Four Key Stages

LCCF Program has 4 key stages :

How LCCF Works

Process Flow

The overall process flow diagram for the commencement, implementation and monitoring of Green Township Program is as follows:

LCCF Checklist Phase

Baseline Study Phase

Provisional Certificate


LCCF Tools

LCCFTrack is an online carbon assessment system for Low Carbon Cities/ Zones which was designed to support the implementation of Low Carbon Cities Framework (LCCF) by the Government of Malaysia.

LCCFTrack measures the reduction/ increase of carbon emissions from the actions carried out according to the baseline, based on LCCF methodology via comprehensive online data collection. This measured carbon emission can guide cities in making choice/ decisions towards greener solutions.

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