To ensure long-term stability in sustainable energy management, GreenTech Malaysia has set the foundation through various platforms that benchmark standards for continued improvement.

Energy Audit Conditional Grant

The Energy Audit Conditional Grant (EACG)’s objective is to help businesses evaluate and take steps to improve their energy efficiency. Over 203 EACG applications were received from May 2016 to May 2018, of which 126 were approved. From the applicants, 108 industries accepted the grant and completed their energy audits. The audits revealed that there is a potential annual energy savings
of 367.87 GWh, which amounts to RM 97.6 million worth of cost savings and a carbon reduction of 190,000 tCO2/year.

The top five approved industries by sector are:

      • 􏰀Computer, electronics and optical products 􏰀
      • Food products􏰀
      • Plastic products
      • Water collection, treatment and supply
      • Motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers.

Following the implementation of EACG by 85 industries, energy consumption was reduced by 27.679 GWh/year. Additionally, carbon emission decreased by 19.208 tonnes. This is equivalent to GHG emitted by 4,078 passenger vehicles within a year.

Energy Management Gold Standard

EMGS provides certifications to organisations for an effective sustainable energy management systems, leading to increased energy efficiency and cost savings. Its implementation has led to energy savings
of 57.44 GWh per year, the equivalent of energy consumed by 5,353 homes. The implementation of EMGS has also resulted in a reduction of 37.7-kilotonnes of CO2 emissions per year. Through the efforts of GreenTech Malaysia, 83 institutions applied for the EMGS standard, with the majority being district hospitals (47) followed by major specialist hospitals and minor specialist hospitals.
In 2015, the Ministry of Health (MOH) also signed a contract with five concessionaire companies to develop Government hospitals that are energy efficient. The Ministry aims to have 150 of their organisations achieve the 3-Star EMGS certification by the year 2020. Since 2016, a total of 180 of the MOH’s organisations across Malaysia have undertaken the EMGS Assessment.

Strengthening Collaborations to Harness Clean Energy

GreenTech Malaysia has worked hand in hand with organisations to achieve the mutually beneficial end-goal of lowering negative environmental impacts from traditional energy sources.

Johor Port Authority (JPA)

Lowers Its Carbon Footprint
In co-operation with GreenTech Malaysia,
the Johor Port Authority (JPA) has generated 13,940 kWh of electricity through its recent installation of a solar PV system at their Headquarters, which was completed on 21 November 2018. This decision has contributed to a reduction of 9.7 tonnes in CO2 emissions after just one month of operation.

PLUS’ Solar Powered Panels

The installation of solar panels at Persada PLUS in Petaling Jaya, and PLUS Rest and Service Area (RSA) Machap (Northbound) has successfully generated a significant amount of solar-powered energy at both locations, substantially reducing GHG emissions.

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