Buyers tend to make their purchases based on ease and convenience, which is why GreenTech Malaysia gives weight to increasing the availability and awareness of green products and services to the masses.

Calling Attention to Green Products and Services

The MyHIJAU Mark is a recognition issued by GreenTech Malaysia to acknowledge certified green products and services that meet local and/or international environmental standards. Those that receive this recognition will be listed in the MyHIJAU Directory, where consumers can identify green products or services that they need. As such, buyers will know that they are purchasing the right products and sellers will attract more business. The MyHIJAU Directory is accessible through the website (www.myhijau. my) or via mobile apps (Google Play Store and Apple App Store).

As of 2018, a total of 3,142 green products and services from 290 companies were registered with the MyHIJAU Mark and listed in the MyHIJAU Directory. Building this repertoire of products

and services that are registered eliminates the guessing game for eco-conscious consumers, as they have ready and easy access to officially registered green companies, products and services.

To continually build on the database of green products and services, GreenTech Malaysia holds events throughout the year to get the word out on MyHIJAU and its business benefits. These events include business clinics and pocket talk sessions that educate businesses on how to attain the MyHIJAU Mark. The Business Clinic events delve into the details of how to attain the MyHIJAU Mark recognition, while
the Pocket Talks are sharing sessions that shed more light on the recognition and listing in the MyHIJAU Directory.

Greening Government Purchases

To support the marketing of green products and services, the Government is also practicing what they preach through the Government Green Procurement (GGP) initiative. Launched in 2013, the GGP seeks to integrate environmental considerations towards Government-based procurements, taking
into account the protection of the natural environment, reduction of pollution, and the conservation of resources. By 2020, all Government offices will implement the GGP, and 20% of purchases of selected products or services procured by the public sector will be green-labelled.

In 2018, GGP Guidelines 2.0 were published to act as an updated reference, covering 20 GGP criteria for green products and services, such as ICT equipment, air-conditioning systems, and cleaning services. The core team in charge of GGP, led by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change (MESTECC), will continue to expand on this initiative as well as further develop the GGP Guidelines. The GGP team will also collaborate with the Department of Works to develop the Guidelines of Work Procurement, in order to further increase the value the GGP can contribute.

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