Every small step in combating the adverse effects of climate change creates a big ripple. As such, society benefits when corporations take up this mantle and spur the thrust. With this in mind, GreenTech Malaysia forges alliances with like-minded organisations to help corporations play their part in the grand scheme of Malaysia becoming a global hub for green technology.

Training Energy Managers of the Future

There should be enough green technology experts who are ready to assist in the growth of the critical sectors of Energy, Manufacturing, Transportation, Building, Waste and Water. To this effect, the Government is continuously making an effort to develop human capital within the existing workforce in the public and private sectors as well as the future workforce in the education system.

GreenTech Malaysia is actively involved in providing training for the public and private sector as well as collaborating with higher education institutions. A majority of this training is focused on Energy Managers, as they play an integral role in ensuring a business’ energy consumption is sustainable and affordable in the long run. With the changing dynamics of the job market, it becomes necessary for the skills to match the demands.

To accommodate this, the Green Catalyst division of GreenTech Malaysia conducted key training programmes throughout the year. In 2018, we successfully conducted Energy Management Training Programmes including the AEMAS – Energy Manager Training Course (AEMAS-EMTC), Certified Professional in Measurement and Verification (CPMV), Energy Auditor Training Course (EATC), Registered Electrical Energy Manager (REEM), and awareness programmes.

About The Training Courses
  • AEMAS Energy Manager Training Course (AEMAS-EMTC)
􏰚􏰗􏰤As a training course recognised by the Energy Commission, the purpose of this programme is to increase the number of Registered Electrical Energy Managers (REEM)s. Due to the Efficient Management of Electrical Energy Regulations (EMEER) 2008, any manufacturer or industry that consumes 3,000,000 kWh of energy or more for six (6) consecutive months are required to appoint a REEM to monitor its energy consumption. The REEM will then report to the Energy Commission on what measures will need to be taken next.
  • Certified Professional In Measurement and Verification (CPMV)
The purpose of this programme is to certify practitioners on the competency of their measurement and verification (M&V) skills for energy-saving programmes. CPMV trains participants to develop proper M&V strategies for their Sustainable Management System (SEMS).
  • ​Energy Auditor Training Course (EATC)

The training course is part of the activities under the Energy Audit Conditional Grant (EACG) project. A total of 292 persons from the EACG applicants attended the Energy Auditor Training Course (EATC) organised by GreenTech Malaysia. EATC is conducted to provide compulsory training on essential aspects of energy conservation, which covers the use of energy audit tools and report writing skills. Trainees are also exposed to real-life examples of performing energy audit tasks, appropriate actions to take, and updated inputs from the industry. The primary purpose of the course is to provide training in these critical areas:

1) Performing energy checks, surveys and analyses for energy conservation
2) Giving structure to energy auditing practices
3) Raising professional standards for those involved in energy auditing

  • Registered Electrical Energy Manager (REEM) Workshop

This half-day workshop aimed to provide energy managers with the necessary resources to register as a REEM with the Energy Commission. The objective of this workshop is to support the Energy Commission’s KPI of increasing the number of REEMs in Malaysia. As compared to 2017, 2018 saw a significant rise in participation with 97 people being trained.

Awareness Programmes

GreenTech Malaysia launched two (2) awareness programmes to promote better energy conservation. and management. 112 participants were trained in this programme.

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