En Shamsul Bahar bin Mohd Nor
Chief Executive Officer

Tuan Syed Ahmad bin Syed Mustafa
Chief Operating Officer

Siti Hursiah binti Ibrahim
Director Human Resources & Administration

Tengku Sharifah Hanif binti Tengku Hamzah
Director Finance & Investment

Elina binti Jani
Director Strategic Communications

Noor Azmin Azli bin Ramli
Director Corporate Services & Governance

Norhasliza binti Mohd Mokhtar
Director Sustainable Energy & Green Advisory

Saiful Adib bin Abdul Munaff
Director Low Carbon Cities

Huzaimi Nor bin Omar
Director Low Carbon Mobility

Wan Faizal bin Mohd Anwar
Director Strategic Planning & Business Development

Kamaradzaman bin Mohd Bakri
Director Green Catalyst

Avoid Bottled Water

Bottled water is inefficient, expensive, and produces large amounts of plastic waste. Instead, use a refillable water bottle; if you like you could use a water filter to cleanse the tap water and chill the water in the fridge.

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