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Malaysian Green Technology Corporation also known as GreenTech Malaysia is an organisation under the purview of the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment & Climate Change

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Dr Mohd Azman Zainul Abidin
Former Chief Executive Officer (CEO), GreenTech Malaysia

CEO’s Farewell Message

Eventually, all good things must come to an end (as the saying goes) and it is time for a new leadership at GreenTech Malaysia. Back then, I began my work by communicating the idea on why the organisation was originally incorporated– to serve the public benefit. Part of the job as CEO of GreenTech Malaysia, as I have discovered, is to ensure the profession maintains and builds trust with its many stakeholders.

Greentech Malaysia

Greentech's work culture is designed to ensure successful and efficient execution of company strategies and initiatives by instilling focus, winning culture and accountability across teams and individuals. Successful execution of company initiatives will be particularly pertinent for 2019. In line with this, we focussed our finest efforts on Important Goals such as Green Economy, Green Technology & Green Culture.

By incorporating this into our organisation’s work culture, I believe we can push ourselves to continuously attain ever higher levels of excellence and together we can address the challenges of the year to reach greater milestones. Thinking green means being aware of our interconnectedness with the world and reflecting on the unintended damage we cause nature in the daily course of our lives. Thinking green leads to acting green - taking corrective action to make environmental responsibility a reality. I am also very passionate about strengthening the branding of GreenTech Malaysia.

I am very excited about the future. It is not without some challenges and maybe bumps along the way, but I know that coming times will be better and that Greentech Malaysia has an incredibly important role to play to helping make sure that our members succeed and that our world is truly global. It is all about setting the direction right, employing the right strategy, and to assume leadership role in our efforts that will further strengthen the country and drive it forward into achieving a developed nation status. It is all about continuous green innovation that is a necessity in our development agenda to meet the ever-changing socio-economic expectations.

To achieve that, synergy is of utmost importance. Efforts are poured into every detail of our work, including to develop structured frameworks, working out the mechanism to be put in place and to embed the green concept to key decision makers, stakeholders and across the masses. We have continued to support, monitor and coordinate inter-ministerial initiatives.

So where does this take us and how do we move forward from here on?

I am proud of some of the work I have done in these 18 months at Greentech. We have managed to introduce many firsts throughout these months. Collaborating on Climate Launchpad with MAGIC, Green Book for tweens, advocating green tips with the Green Masjid initiative and also our collaboration with DHL Malaysia in their direction to electrify their fleets globally. Internally we are more strict on processes and we have ISO in 2018 to uphold corporate governance. I always emphasise on ‘making a difference’, and by this, I mean doing what is right, no matter how small. During my tenure here, I have introduced the Green Book for tweens and advocating green tips with Green Masjid. This contribution is for all families, schools and the community.

There are certainly a lot more to do and actions speak louder than words in areas where we need to improve. In the course of serving as CEO, I believe the foundation for future works has been properly put in place, and it is my hope that the organisation will continue to do its every bit to ensure that its future directions and agendas will continue to meet the needs of society and to earn the trust and respect that the public puts in it.

As for myself, to finish on a good note, I sincerely express my gratitude to the Board, our stakeholders, the management team, the executives and all staff. A huge thank you to all my colleagues. I appreciate the good work and support that has been extended over the years, and I wish GreenTech Malaysia every good wish for successful years to come.

Dr. Azman,
signing out!

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Please be informed that every Wednesday is declared as GreenTech Malaysia’s Help Desk Day. If you have any inquiries about GreenTech or GreenTech initiatives, please feel free to visit any of our representatives at our GreenTech Office : MGTC No 2, Jalan 9/10, Persiaran Usahawan, Seksyen 9, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi. Selangor Darul Ehsan. T: 0389210800