Executive Assistant

GreenTech Malaysia is currently looking for Executive Assistant on various fields.

Kindly refer to the poster for more info.
Good Luck!

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Protege Trainee

GreenTech Malaysia is currently looking for Protege Trainee on various exciting & impact driven projects! This could be you!

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Head, Sustainable Energy

Energy is the highest carbon emission contributor. This Division will work on technologies which are still not in deployed in volume OR are still new. Pilot/Demonstration driven Division with the intention of main-streaming such technologies irrespective of local or foreign ones.

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Head, Sustainable Innovation

With focus on local talent, scientists, researchers and start-ups, to develop programmes, secure fund and deploy. Volume-based driven Division i.e. to reach out to local innovators related to climate change solutions.

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Grow Food in Your Kitchen/Garden

Growing food saves money, gives you an understanding of food production, and puts you in touch with nature.

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